Shock Absorbing Castors Wheels UK in Leicester, England.

When considering Castors for material handling equipment there can be occasion where Shock Absorbing Castors or Shock Resistant Casters are required.  For example, a piece of equipment on a production line where a material is dropped onto a conveyor or trolley mounted on Castors.  In instances where Castors need to accommodate shock forces there are generally two options available.  The first being a standard castor with a Flexible Wheel, such as Rubber or Polyurethane.  Flexible Caster Wheels can offer good levels of shock absorption if selected correctly. The Second Option is a Spring Loaded Caster, where the impact is absorbed by the spring rather than the wheel itself. Due to the high deflections offered by springs, the correct selection is particularly important in order to ensure the product is not overloaded during a shock load.  

Standard Rubber or Polyurethane Castors are ideal for shock applications where the main criteria is protecting the Floor and/or the material handling equipment (i.e. a trolley).  They should be used with special bearings to accommodate the shock.  Ideal for material and equipment this is not shock sensitive.

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If the material or equipment to be handled is fragile / shock sensitive (for example a computer server) then a spring loaded castor is better suited.  The spring allows for a high level of deflection, meaning that the shock can be de-accelerated over a longer time period, reducing the force impact on the material being dropped.

Bulldog Castors Ltd can assist in the selection of the correct shock absorbing caster, including Supporting Calculations to predict the initial shock forces and resultant shock forces transferred into the equipment.


  • Spring Loaded Castors decrease shock forces on the wheels and reduce damage to fragile equipment
  • Flexible Wheel Castors protect floor surfaces and are a cost effective option for material or equipment that is not fragile.


  • Castors for electrical hardware
  • Institutional Castors
  • Workstation Castors
  • Industrial Trolley Castors
  • Shock Absorbing Toolbox Castors
  • Bundling and Wrapping Equipment
  • Castors for Sensitive MOD Equipment
  • Transport Applications
  • Manufacturing Equipment

Bulldog Castors UK, Supply a range of Casters for the Material Handling Industry, including Light Duty Shock Absorbing castors and Heavy Duty Shock Absorbing Castors.  Our Technical Team have years of experience in Shock calculations and modeling and are at hand to offer free, no obligation, technical advice and recommendations.