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We Provide Furniture Casters Online (Furniture Castors), Furniture Wheels, Casters for Furniture, Furniture Casters UK England, Leicester. Welcome to our website. Bulldog Castors are UK suppliers of Castors and Wheels. We supply castors for a multitude of industries, one of which is Castors Wheel for furniture. We offer light duty furniture castors UK which are most widely used for Domestic, Commercial Light Industrial purposes. Bulldog Castors have a vast mount of knowledge in the Castor industry, and understand the importance of the cost sensitivity in the furniture manufacturing industry. That’s why you will find our light duty castors for furniture are one of the most competitive on the market without compromising on quality.

Castors and Wheels for Furniture - Furniture Castors (Furniture Casters) UK, Leicester, England:

We provide various types of castors and wheels available for furniture and domestic equipment  fixtures/fittings; these include Polypropylene Castors (Plastic Castors), Nylon Castors, Polyurethane Castors, Non-Marking Castors, Rubber Castors (Floor protection) and specialist furniture castors. We provide castors in the following categories Light duty Castors Furniture Castors, Heavy Duty Castors and Medium Duty Castors Furniture.

Castor and wheel for other applications:

Casters for Furniture is one side of our business, the other being Commercial Industrial Castors, mostly used in applications such as industrial trolleys, industrial equipment, Medical equipment trolleys, Display Cabinets, Industrial Wheels for Furniture (Commercial), Castor for gates and wheels for shop displaying. Furniture casters UK may also be selected from the heavier duty series if a more robust product is required.

Bulldog Castor products are available for servicing many industries. For example Black Plastic Casters for Furniture, Grey, Easy Glide Medical Castors and Heavy Duty Industrial Castors furniture. Our engineers are at hand to help select the correct castors and wheel for furniture.

We provide furniture castors and wheels in three basic categories, light duty castors, medium duty castors and heavy duty castors for furniture. We manufacture castor and wheels in many different materials such as plastic, polymer, cast iron and soft rubber. Bulldog Castors are readily available at competitive price.

We provide various types of castors wheels for Furniture such as,

  • General to heavy duty,
  • Light to medium duty,
  • Hard Wheel Castors,
  • Soft / Flexible wheels Castors,
  • Pneumatic Wheels
  • Various Fixing types

Our product range is popular within the castor furniture industry and also the industrial manufacturing industries. The light weight items are usually used with plastic castors and nylon castors allowing easy manoeuvrability. Plastic castors for furniture are commonly seen under computer chairs, whereas Nylon Castors may be found under trolleys cabinets.

Guidelines to choosing the right castor for your furniture application:

In order to get the best performance, it is important to select the castor that is most suited to your application. You may choose the castor based on the floor type. If your floor is hard or smooth and you want to maintain the floor with no scratches and damages, then it is usual to use rubber castor for furniture (either black rubber castor or non-marking castor). For furniture casters UK used on carpets and rugs a hard type castor may be preferred.

Additionally you need to select the appropriate size wheel based on the weight the castors will be supporting. If they support a heavy load, then it generally requires larger wheels. For most application 4-6 wheels would be used.

We can also supply custom manufactured castors and non-slip furniture castors UK, to ensure that we can supply castors for each type of application and environment.

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