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Polyurethane Casters are superior to rubber castors in resisting against wear and tear of the caster wheel. Polyurethane Caster Wheels can be used on most flooring type, both smooth or rough. Bulldog Castors have large stocks of polyurethane caster wheels that range from small, medium to Extra - Heavy duty. We supply Polyurethane Casters with either plain bearings or ball bearings. The Polyurethane castor wheels provide some level of protect to soft floorings, however rubber are superior in this area. Bulldog Castors strongly believe we are the best supplier of Polyurethane Castors in the UK. One of the other features of our Polyurethane Castor wheels are their superior aesthetical appearance. They are ideal for exhibition stands (Castors for exhibition displays), promotional display stands or where image is important. The loading capacities for our polyurethane castors have various ranges. The load capacity ranges from small duty to Extra Heavy Duty.

We produce Polyurethane Castors for display cabinets where appearance is as important as functionality. Polyurethane Casters for hardwood floors are also available however care should be taken, as Polyurethane can cause marking on very delicate surfaces (This is unlikely, but for legal reason we must mention). You can see our catalogue or search our website for our range of PU Castors. You can view the specification of the castors including the castors height, caster wheel diameter, caster bracket, casters load capacity and caster price. You can search Polyurethane Castors for Office Chairs and polyurethane casters for hardwood floors that are available in different heights, different diameter and loading capacity from our catalogue. We offer one of the largest Polyurethane Castors Manufacturers in UK, supplying polyurethane castors for heavy duty applications on both uneven and even surfaces.

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