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Castors for Machines & Casters:

Castors and Wheels provide an exceptional increase in productivity within the working environment by providing mobility to many types of equipment and machines, for example, Portable Jet Washers, Generating Sets, Specialist Manufacturing machines, Pumps, Compressor Casters and much more. The correct Castor selection can help you easily move heavy machines and equipment around workshops, warehouses, and different locations. Due to the many varying environmental and application factors it is imperative to consider the selection of a Machine Caster Wheel with care.

Moving heavy and/or bulky machinery can be a troublesome task without the right hardware, and in addition, manual handling regulations strictly limit and regulate user lifting weights and operating periods. Castors reduce the strain on operators and allow for increased levels of productivity in the workplace environment. Organizations frequently utilise Trolleys, Forklifts and Heavy Duty Dollies to move their machines, most of which involve a Castor Wheel of some description. Alternatively a machine can be mounted directly with castors for maximum portability.

The main considerations when selecting Heavy Machine Casters are the Flooring surface, Weight of the equipment and how often the equipment will be moved.

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Below you will find some basic guidance to assist on your selection:

  • Smooth Hard Floor Surface = Hard Castor Wheels such as Nylon or Polypropylene or Flexible Wheels for Floor Protection
  • Uneven Hard Floor Surfaces = Flexible Castors such as Rubber or Polyurethane
  • Regularly Moved Equipment = Nylon or Polyurethane
  • Larger Wheels = Less Resistance to move the equipment
  • Larger Wheels = Easier to bridge gaps, and small obstacles on the floors surface
  • Flexible Wheels = Low Noise on hard Floors (Rubber or Polyurethane) and Better Floor Protection

 A good all-rounder are the Polyurethane Castors, as the offer all the properties of a Flexible Castor, such as Low Noise and Floor Protection, whilst providing many properties normally offered by Hard Castors, such as High Load Capacity, Shock Resistance.  Polyurethane Castors are also typically of High Aesthetic Appearance.

There are many considerations, and therefore customers are welcome to contact us to discuss their exact application.

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