Bulldog Castors Provide Plastic Castors Wheels in Leicester, England, UK

Properties of Plastic Casters Wheels:

Plastic Casters Wheels are generally manufactured from Thermoplastic materials; Nylon, Polypropylene (PP) and Polyamide (PA). They are a mainstream product within the material handling industry with a scope of properties that fit well into numerous Castor applications, including environments with a Chemical presence, Wet Conditions, High Load Applications and compelling temperature requirements.

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The properties of plastic castor wheels depend on the exact material, and the casters wheels properties may include:

  • Hard material compared to polymer based Castors, which enormously enhances their ergonomic properties and moving capacity.
  • Plastic Castors are an economical choice for high volume products and heavy use applications.
  • Plastic Castors offer excellent resistance to many substances (such as Mineral Oils and Soap Solutions) and don't rust like Cast Iron and steel Castor wheels.
  • Plastic is far less demanding on flooring surfaces compared to metal or steel.

Features of Plastic Caster Wheels:

  • Proven Technology – Over 20 Million Plastic Castor wheels are being used today.
  • High Load Bearing Casters Wheels
  • Nylon offers excellent abrasion and fracture resistance
  • Plastic Casters can be supplied with all fixing types – connections are available for every application, Such as Plastic Swivel Castors and Wheels for many floor types including Plastic Castors for Hardwood floors and Plastic Castors for Carpets
  • They provide the lowest roll resistance of all standard Castor Materials.
  • Ideal for most applications from domestic household equipment, Plastic Castors for Furniture, commercial desks and chairs, Industrial Trolleys and Portable Equipment, as well as Food Processing and Pharmaceutical Industries.

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