Our Industrial Castors are suitable for various industrial engineering equipment, such as Trolleys, Portable Machines Equipment, Transport / Packaging Cases Shop Fitting Installations. Our Industrial Castor range is used by many OEM’s to satisfy their requirements and offer the best value package in terms of Quality, Service Price. Potential customers are welcome to contact us to discuss their exact requirements. We provide high quality Industrial Castor Wheels at competitive pricing in the market. We can manufacture industrial wheels using improved compounds in order to prolong the performance of wheels for a longer wheel life span.

Industrial Castors UK - Dealing with Bulldog Castors in the UK allows you to receive the best service, fast response, site visits excellent quality. Our products have an excellent track record in the Industrial Commercial industry, even in the most demanding of applications. These castors can also be used for Industrial castors for furniture and users can gain addition benefit if their application is particularly demanding. Better mobility and better fatigue life can be obtained by choose the correct industrial castor wheels.

Industrial Castors Available from Bulldog Castors:

We supply our castors in a range of materials produced by a variety of manufacturing methods to offer the appropriate properties, such as High fatigue, Shock Load capacity, Wear resistance or increase life. Customers can contact us to discuss their requirements the options available. For example we can offer High Load bearing castors wheels by using heavy duty metal pressings cast iron wheels.

Medium Duty and Heavy Duty Industrial Castor Wheels:

The Medium Duty and Heavy Duty Industrial Castors are regularly used on commercial equipment such as computer equipment cabinets, Catering Equipment General Equipment used in the commercial sector. They are also used for general purpose bespoke applications. Castors for industrial equipment generally fall in our Medium or Heavy Duty range, unless the industrial equipment is “lightweight”. We specialize in the supply manufacture of Castors Wheels and we are happy to share our wealth of experience with our clients to aid the design or installation of their equipment.

Castors offered in the Bulldog Castors Product Range include:

Applications of Castor Wheels:

We offer industrial castors and wheels in over 30 different materials in order to provide the best solution for even the most demanding of application. Materials such as Nylon Castors or Rubber Castors are most common, whereas materials such as Synthetic composites may be selected for earthquake shock load applications or Special designs/materials for the medical and food Industry. Extra Heavy duty castors are also available with loads in excess of 1000kg per castor.

Typical Applications may include:

  • Castors for Material Handling equipment
  • Castors for Industrial Equipment
  • Castors for Warehouse Equipment
  • Castors for the Medical Industry
  • Automotive Castors
  • Food Industry Castors
  • Castors for Portable Equipment Manufacturers
  • Castors for Furniture Domestic applications
  • and much more

All products, including the standard industrial castors and wheels are manufactured to commercial engineering specifications to ensure the products offer a consistent performance level of quality. Our qualified mechanical engineers design engineers are only a phone call away to discuss your application, where you can be sure to receive a fast, efficient service. Bulldog Castor Industrial Products are supplied to Large OEM Customers, One-Off applications everything in between. If you have a specific demand, it is possible to discuss with our engineers about the various compounds used to produce our industrial castors, and tailor a solutions that fits your requirement.

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