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Castors For Cabinet Wheels

Castors are found in almost every environment, from the Home, Office, Factories, Warehouses,  Restaurants & entertainment venues. They are used on thousands of different applications, including shopping trolleys, office seats, material handling equipment and hardware and various types of Cabinets to name a few.  It is therefore essential to consider the type of application and environment when selecting the most suitable Castor.  High Load, Heavy Use Castors are utilized as part of numerous industrial applications, for example, stage trucks, Industrial trolleys and cabinets, and tow-lines in plants.  Whereas Light Duty Castors may be utilised for smaller equipment and less demanding applications, such as Home and Office Chairs, Wheels for Display Cabinets, Castors for Display Cabinets and portable domestic equipment, such as Castor Wheels for Kitchen Units.

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There are various factors which should be considered when selecting Cabinet Castors, which including:

  • Required Connection Type (Single Bolt or Top Plate Fixing).
  • Weight of Cabinet.
  • The type of movement desired (linear or multi-directional) will dictate style of Cabinet castor (i.e. Swivel or Fixed)
  • Special features needed (ex. locking Castors)
  • Flooring Type and Environment

Two Main Fixing Types for Cabinet Castor Wheels

  • Single Bolt Castor (a.k.a. Threaded Stem Castor)
  • Top Plate Castor (a.k.a. 4 Bolt Fixinfg Castor)

The fixing type will depend on the cabinet design and mating part.  If the cabinet is fabricated from Steel Tube it is likely a Single Bolt castor would be most suitable (with the use of a threaded tube insert) whereas if the cabinet is made from sheet steel or wood, a Plate style may be most suitable.  As a general guide, Heavy use applications or demanding environments are better suited to a Top Plate castor due to the plate spreading the weight and dynamic forces over a larger surface area.

Weight of the cabinet

The weight of the Cabinet, including the laden weight (i.e. the cabinet content weight) is of key importance when choosing a Cabinet Castor Wheel.   A Castor should be selected that can accommodate the load, and generally extra load capacity is desirable to accommodate any unevenness in the flooring surface, which may result in only 3 wheels touching the floor, and hence increase the loading on each Castor.

Generally speaking Light Duty Castors and Medium Duty Castors are ideal for most Cabinets, as they are normally relatively light weight and generally are not moved on a regular basis.

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