200mm Fixed Top Plate Black Rubber Castor - Max. 180Kg100mm Swivel Bolt Hole (Braked) Black Rubber Castor - Max. 75Kg 150mm Swivel Top Plate (Braked) Black Rubber Castor150mm Swivel Bolt Hole Black Rubber Castor

Bulldog Castors Provide Black Rubber Castors & Castor Wheels, Black Rubber Wheels, Black Rubber Casters UK, Leicester, England. Black Castor Wheels are the most popular type of Castor available in the Industrial Market. The Rubber Caster Wheel is Low Cost, Hard Wearing and suitable for a vast array of different application. The Black Rubber Castor Wheels is the usual choice for Industrial applications. Typical on Industrial Trolleys, Carts, Scoots and Warehouse Material Handling Equipment Castor Wheel equipment.

The Industrial Caster Wheel - Our Black Rubber Castors, Rubber Wheels and Castor Wheels Click Below For More Information.

Our Rubber Casters are generally offered from 50mm Diameter Castor wheels up to 200mm Diameter Rubber Caster wheels UK, with larger sizes available on Request.

Black Rubber Castors and Rubber Wheels are generally used on Light abd Medium Weight Applications (Polyurethane Castors, Nylon Castors and Cast Iron Castors for High Weight applications), and can normally accommodate up to 300Kg per Castor (Dependant on size of Caster)

Small and Solid Black Rubber Casters and Rubber Wheels UK, Leicester, England

Generally Manufactured from SBR Rubber with Shore A Hardness of between 70-90deg, Black Rubber Castors and Rubber Wheels provide an excellent level of flexibility to allow travel along semi-rough flooring such as Warehouse Floors, Pavements and Roads with ease.   Black rubber castors and Rubber Wheels have a wear pattern much like a car tyre, however as they are solid rubber wheels and small rubber wheels, allow for considerable wear before replacement of a castor is required.  In which instance the rubber wheel can be replaced, and not the whole rubber caster

Like all Black Rubber Castors and Rubber Wheels, the larger the wheel diameter the easier the movement of the equipment. Black rubber Casters Wheels UK can be purchased directly from our online shop  www.bulldogcastors.co.uk

For further information or technical advice please contact our sales team at sales@bulldogcastors.co.uk or Phone +44 (0)116 2970521