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Medical Castors play a major role in allowing portability of equipment around the hospital environment. Bulldog Castors Ltd works with manufacturers in the medical and hospital equipment industry.  Walk into any hospital or medical environment and you will find various types of mobile equipment, devices and beds all of which utilize Castors and Wheels.  Supply into the medical industry can be demanding on many aspects, from technical specifications, such as Anti-Bacterial Materials, Designs to inhibit dirt build up, heavy use performance and of course price competitiveness.


Determining the environment where a piece of equipment will be used, will, to some extent determine the type of castor required. For example, equipment in an operating theatre will most likely require a Medical Castor with Stainless Steel metals and enclosed swivel race to allow for regular wash down of the castor without corroding the material or affecting lubrication of the bearings.  There are also Various grades such as AISI316 Castors and AISI304 Castors.  A Hospital trolley in a catering environment, however, may well be suited to a standard commercial castor such as Polypropylene.  Other considerations may be Medical Equipment within patient areas, where low noise castors or low noise wheels would be most suited, or Kick Stop Castors where the brake can be operated easily by foot to reduce operator strain.

Typical Applications of Medical Castors:

Applications of Medical casters include:

  • Hospital bed Castors
  • Clean room equipment Castors
  • Laboratory and Scientific Equipment
  • Catering Trolley Castors
  • Medical Trolley Castors
  • Castors for Bed Linen Cages
  • IV Drip support trolley Castors
  • Hospital Patient and Office Furniture Castors
  • Wheel Chairs

Bulldog Castor UK, - Medical Castors Manufacturers -  We supply a range of Castor for Medical Equipment.  Customers are advised to contact our technical department on Tel: +44 (0)116 2970521 or sales@bulldogcastors.co.uk to seek advice on the correct castor selection for specialist medical equipment.

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