BulldogCastors.co.uk are a specialist in the supply of domestic, commercial & industrial Castors, supplying many leading OEM's.

Castors Online

Bulldog offer one of the largest ranges of castors & wheels in the UK, which can be manufactured in various different tread materials, sizes, fixing types & variations.  You will find a great selection of our Castors and Wheels Online


Bulldogcastors.co.uk offers a wealth of experience within the castor industry, general engineering / Industrial industry, and material industry. Our engineers are at hand to assist with any new projects or developments that may be required.  If you need help in selecting the correct castor, please contact our technical department on +44 (0)116 2970521


Our Online Web-Shop shows a limited range of the most popular castors, however we have many 1000’s of different type available, so please contact us if you require something not shown on the site.



Industrial Castors for OEM's


For OEM & business clients, we can offer credit accounts, and can offer a direct ordering service rather than ordering online.  Business clients should also contact us for discounts on volume or regular quantities, where we would be able to provide you with our best possible quotation.


Below you will find links to our different categories of caster wheels:


Light Duty Castors & Furniture Castors

Medium Duty Castors

Heavy Duty Castors

Extra Heavy Duty Castor


These include:

Swivel Castors

Braked Swivel Castors

Fixed Castors

Top Plate Castors

Bolt Holes Castors

Furniture Castors

Industrial Castors

Commercial Castors

Material Handling Castors

Stainless Steel Castors

Medical Castors

Transport & Cargo Castors

Shock Absorbing Castors

Anti-Slip Castors

High Grip Castors

High Temperature Castors

Rubber Castors

Polyurethane Castors

Nylon Castors

Non-Marking Castors

Anti-Static Castors

Plastic Castors

Etc etc


What ever your requirement, please contact us know, and we will be happy to help.