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Non Marking Rubber Castors and Wheels UK

Bulldog Castors Ltd range of Non Marking Castors are extremely popular for use with Commercial and Domestic Environments, such as Non Marking Castors for Schools, Non Marking Castors for Office, Non Marking Castors for Hospitals and Institutional Castors to name a few.  They are designed for everyday use, and are particularly hard wearing.

Non Marking Castors are also be used for many applications and industries such as warehouse and material handling equipment, however the standard Rubber Castors or Polyurethane Castor are more popular in these environments.

The Non Marking Castor is generally manufactured with a Grey Rubber Wheel.  The properties of the Grey Rubber Wheel ensure that any tyre residue (markings) are not left on the flooring surface, whilst offering a smooth ride.

Secondly, the properties of the Rubber Castor type (both standard rubber and non-marking) is that they particular quite when being used, compared to hard castors which may clatter if being

Non Marking Castors are offered from 50mm upto 200mm in Diameter to suit a range of different Castor loadings and applications.

Whilst this type of Castor Wheel is normal used on Hard Surfaces such are Tiles, Castors for Concrete Floors, Castors for Wooden Floors, they can also be used for soft flooring surfaces such as carpet.

Bulldog’s Non Marking Rubber Castors are available in various formats including Fixed Non Marking Castors, Swivel Non Marking Castors, Non Marking Castors with Brake, and also Single Bolt Hole Castors (Ideal as Castors for Trolleys)

For further information of our range of Non Marking Castors, or any of our other Castors and Wheels please visit www.bdcastorsandwheels.co.uk or our online shop www.bulldogcastors.co.uk -  Alternatively contact us on +44 (0)116 2970521 or sales@bulldogcastors.co.uk

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