Bulldog Castors Provide Stainless Steel Castors Wheels Leicester, England, UK

Castors are used on a vast array of equipment and applications, such as stainless steel furniture castors, trucks and trailers, stainless steel castors for trolleys and stainless steel castors for medical apparatus to name a few.   Typically Castor wheels are either classified as Flexible (such as Rubber Castors or Polyurethane Castors) or Hard (such as Polypropylene Castors, Nylon Castors or Cast Iron Castors). Also, Castors are available in an assortment of sizes, contingent upon the application.

The majority of Castor Forks (brackets) are produced in Mild Steel with either a Zinc Plate or Paint Finish for corrosion protection. They provide excellent strength and performance for most applications including Industrial environments.  However, certain industries and applications require a more robust material – Stainless Steel.  Typical industries requiring Stainess Steel Castor Wheels include Pharmaceutical, Medical and Offshore/Marine.

AISI316 Castors and AISI304 Castors are the two typical stainless steel grades most commonly used for Castors, with the AISI304 being the most cost effective and readily available, in which Bulldog Castors supply an excellent range of different sizes and styles.

Castor can also be supplied with Stainless Steel Wheels.

Stainless Steel is resistance to corrosion, and is ideal for use in wet conditions or use where other contaminants are present.  The main feature being that the Stainless Steel will not rust and potentially leach into food stuffs or medical apparatus.  In the off-shore and Marine Industry Stainless Steel castors can be utilized due to the high salt spray content in the air causing excessive corrosion of normal steel, even when Painted or Zinc plated

Features and Benefits

The features of Stainless Steel Castor are as follows:

  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance – Ideal for Wet environments
  • Impervious to conditions that would ordinarily consume and rust normal zinc plated steel casters.
  • They are fully washable, steam cleanable and secure for utilizing as a part of autoclaves when relevant wheels are utilized.
  • Suitable for High Temperatures when utilized with heat-resistant wheels, such as stainless steel transport gear castors.
  • The stainless steel casters are available as light duty castors, medium duty castors and also in heavy duty stainless steel castors, top plate stainless steel castors and bolt hole castors.


Include the hospital and medical industry, such as Castors for Trolleys and Beds, Food assembling and preparing equipment, and healing centers and therapeutic workplaces and also off shore equipment. Stainless steel castors are fundamental for applications that require continuous washing and are regularly presented to unforgiving cleaning items, destructive fluids and steam, all of which will bring about different sorts of carbon steels metal to rust. The Stainless Steel casters are appropriate for rough duty and are intended for wash-down applications.

Due to the specialist nature of Stainless Steel castors we do not sell online, however we have various sizes and styles available from stock or on short lead-times.  Bulldog Castors UK can be contacted on sales@bulldogcastors.co.uk or Tel: 0116 2970521