Bulldog Castors : Trolley Wheels & Specialists in the manufacture, supply and application of Castors and Wheels in the UK. We are leading specialists in the production of Trolley Wheels and Castors. Our Wheels and Castors reduce Manual Handling which is an essential directive of HSE law.  The Trolley Wheels allows heavy objects to be moved easily without causing risk to individuals health and safety. We offer our customers with a cost effective and extensive range of standard & Heavy Duty trolley wheels and castors, with many ranges available from stock with fast delivery. We offer various materials, sizes of Trolley Wheel and fixing types depending on the type and sizes of the trolley or other material handling equipment.  You will find both Standard Duty and Heavy Duty Trolley Wheels listed on this store.

Bulldog Castor Trolley wheels UK are proud to be one of the best brands of Castors and Wheels on the market, capable of carrying heavy weight materials. Trolley wheels should be selected according to the size of the trolley, the loading, and environment. As an example, we supply Heavy Duty Trolley Wheels used for carrying heavy goods in departmental stores, such as building/construction materials. We also provide trolley wheels in the medical field such as medical trolley castors and castors for medical equipment. In many environments, Castors for industrial trolleys are ideal to assist employees /or customers to carry heavy equipment, machinery; materials with ease, and in the case of employees, will help the workers to reduce their work tension; manual handling.

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