Castors and Wheels for Airport Equipment – Tough, Outstanding Performance

Ground handling procedures within the Airport environment cost time and money.  Bulldog™ works with Equipment manufacturers and Service providers to reduce handling time and effort by offering carefully selected Castors and Wheel solutions.

From Tool Boxes, Trolleys and Cages to Fork Lifts, Tow Trucks and “in Air” applications, Bulldog™ works closely with manufacturers to provide an optimum solution of Performance and Efficiency for the given equipment, increasing performance, reducing breakdowns resulting in overall time and cost savings.

Offering an extensive range of Castors and Wheels from 10Kg to 30 Tonnes with materials ranging from Polymers, Metals and specially designed synthetic materials, Bulldog™ can offer a product to meet every customer demands.

Using state-of-the-art simulation systems and Industry Expertise Bulldog™ are able to provide technical documentation to support our recommendations, including Load Distribution Calculations, Transit Shock calculations and Vibrational Frequency analysis.   

Bulldog™ in house testing facilities ensure our quality standard our achieved and tested to rigorous standards starting from BS6000 upwards.

Applications include:

  • Air Cargo Castors
  • Air Cargo Ball Transfer Units
  • Loading Machine Castors
  • Luggage Trolley Castors
  • Luggage Handling Cages
  • Terminal Cleaning Machine Castors
  • Aircraft Support Equipment Castors
  • Portable Conveyor Castors
  • Castors for Check In Desks
  • Castors for Computer Trolleys
  • Dolly Castors
  • Scaffold Castors
  • Inflight Catering Trolley Castors
  • Waste Container Castors
  • Baggage Handling Equipment Castors
  • Ground Support Machinery Castors
  • Safety Barrier Castors

Bulldog Castors Ltd – Your Reliable, Technical Partner within the Material Handling Industry.

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