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Bulldog Castors Ltd: The Leading Supplier of Castors Online. 

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Within this eCommerce store you will find a complete range of High Quality Casters and Caster Wheels available for Next Day Delivery at the very best possible prices.  Our Range includes Heavy Duty Castors and Wheels, Industrial Castors and Casters for Commercial and Domestic Environments, including our Light Duty Furniture Casters.

Bulldog supply many leading OEM manufacturers including Trolley Wheels, Castors for Industrial Equipment, Bakery Equipment (High Temperature Wheels), Agricultural Equipment, Pressure Washers and Material Handling Equipment. is a leading specialist in the supply, design and manufacture of Castors and Wheels. We offer one of the most extensive and cost effective ranges of caster wheels in the UK, including Castors for Industrial applications, Castors for Commercial application and Castors for Domestic applications.  On offer you will find various types of Castors and Wheels such as Rubber Castors, Polyurethane Casters, Non-Marking Castors, Nylon Castors and Castors for Industrial Application, Medical Castors, Casters for the food Industry and Castors for sale online. You will find that we offer our products in three main categories, Light Duty Castors, Medium Duty Castors, Heavy Duty Castors and Extra Heavy Duty.

Light Duty Caster Wheels and Castors Online for Furniture

Medium Duty Castors

Heavy Duty Castors

Extra Heavy Duty Castors

Castors for Trolley Wheels, Industrial Casters, Commercial and Food Equipment Castors

The most popular products within our website range include our Polypropylene Castors and our Polyurethane Casters; however other materials and Caster Wheels are available, such as Nylon Castors and Rubber Castors. You can visit our “Castor Selection Guide” for details on the various types available on this site.  The Castors Online are available as Fixed Castors, Swivel Castors, Braked Castors, Top Plate Castors and Single Bolt hole Caster wheels. The most popular are the Top Plate for added strength and durability.

Castors can be used in a wide range of application, such as Trolley Castors, Industrial Equipment, Castors for trolleys, Castors for display cabinets, wheels for display cabinets, Castors for Gates, Castors and wheels for furniture.

Bulldog Castors UK primary business is in the supply of Industrial Castors and Commercial Castor wheels, however we offer the expertise and products to service most industries, from Black Plastic Casters for furniture to hygiene grade castors for medical use.

Our engineers are available to offer free assistance and solutions and can be contacted on

Businesses and Regular clients may be offered credit accounts dependent upon credit reference.


Bulldog Castors and Wheels UK

Bulldog Castor Company offers four standard ranges of Caster Wheels. Light Duty Castors, Medium Duty Castors, Heavy Duty Casters and Extra Heavy Duty Castors.  We also offer Pneumatic Wheels and Castors (Customers should contact us for full details) Our items are manufactured and supplied to a large variety of industries including Industrial equipment manufacturers, Commercial equipment, Domestic equipment and Furniture Manufacturing industries. Bulldog offers one of the largest ranges of products, ensuring the most suitable wheels and castors are available, in stock, for your application. We are also at hand to offer advice to potential clients regarding the selection and installation for various types of application. Our website offers a selection of our most popular Castors, however we offer many more sizes and styles on request, and our products can be purchased directly online or via phone or email.  Email your enquiry to

Replacement Castor Wheels UK Leicester

Bulldog Castor Company offer replacement Castor Wheels and are happy to help our clients identify the correct replacement wheels for their specific application. Our website offers a “Selection Guide” to assist with your selection (for example material type) and provides you with basic information about Castors and Wheels Suppliers and the most common type of product. By accessing our website our clients can review the various products on offer including different materials, fixing types sizes. We are more than happy to discuss manufacturing processes of the various casters wheels in order to ensure they meet the requirement of the environment they are used within.

We strongly believe our technical capability, testing facility and extensive product range make us one of the best Castors Manufacturers in the UK.  Bulldog offer our own brand of Castors Online and also work with a number of key manufacturers and supply caster wheels nationwide, ensuring that we can offer the best overall package to you – our customer. 

Wheel Selection

You will find that all Castors online offered by Bulldog are manufactured to the highest commercial standards, which have been proven in the market for decades. We offer an in house test facility for load tests, which we can offer to our customers on request. The load rating also affects the material type, as does the floor type. The type of floor should be considered to ensure the mounted equipment can be moved and controlled with ease, and without damaging the floor. Bulldog can offer a huge variety of materials  and product types depending on the application and environment. Customers should contact us for further information regarding their application

Castor Wheel Suppliers all have a speciality, be it, Cast Iron Production, Polyurethane Production or Polymer Production. The Industrial Market is generally technical driven, whilst domestic clients may prefer our Low Cost Red Polyurethane Casters which offer pleasing aesthetic properties, which some may say are Designer Castors. Contact us for rapid delivery with UK stocking,

Additional products available, which are not shown online include: High temperature Wheels, Anti-Static Castors (for use in the medical industry), Stainless Steel AISI304, AISI420 & AISI316.  We also offer a vast range of high quality commercial furniture wheels, with many 1000's of different sizes available from UK stock.  

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