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80mm Fixed Castor – Industrial Black Rubber Light Duty Castors Wheels : 80mm Fixed Rubber Castor. Manufactured from High Grade Rubber (NR/SBR).  Rubber Castors provide excellent grip and shock resistance, and are suitable for uneven floors such as concrete floors. Each Castor can carry 60Kg Products Specification : Wheel Diamet..


80mm Nylon Castor – Extra Hard Wearing and Heavy use – Max 120kg Medium Duty Castors Wheels - Hard Wearing 80mm Fixed Castor manufactured from High Grade Nylon, providing an extremely durable and High Strength castor, suitable for upto 120kg per Castor.  Ideal for Heavy Use applications. Products Specification : Wheel Diam..


80mm Fixed Polyurethane Castor – Max 120Kg Medium Duty Castors Wheels - Polyurethane Castors are the ultimate choice for most applications.  Offering the benefits of a Flexible castor wheel, such as, Low Noise, Shock resistance and suitability for uneven floors, as well as offering properties normally associated with Hard Castor wheel..

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